Artificial Grass 15mm

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Type: Tufted synthetic grass carpet

Material: PE Monofilament straight & PP Monofilament curled (UV Stabilized)

Yarn Type: 4200 / 8 dTex PE monofilament straight & 2 000 / 6 dTex PP monofilament curled

Yarn Quality: Environmental friendly, free of lead and cadmium

Primary backing: 100% PP black, UV Stabilized, Weight 107 gr/m2

Secondary backing: Black Latex compound with a base of styrenebutadiene (SBR), with drainage holes, Weight 760 gr/m2

Waterpermeability: 60 litre/min/m2

Pile height: 15 mm

Face height: 405 gr/m2

Total weight: 1,272 gr/m2

Tuft gauge: 5/16 gauge

Stitches per 10 cm linear: 12

Stitches per m2: 15 120

Colour: Mix of light and dark green + Field-jute thatch

UV stability: Meets DIN 53387 Standard (6000 hours)

Colour fastness: Xenon Test: Blue Scale > 7. Grey-scale > 4

Colour lining: Not Applicable

Roll width: 200cm, 400cm

Roll length: 20-25m

Applications: Gardens, Landscaping, Terraces

Comments: Before installation make sure the rolls are from the same production code (first five digits of the roll number) Project.